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The UKMF is responsible for the expansion of Muaythai throughout the United Kingdom (through supporting youth interest and athletes to learn the skills, assisting in the pursuit of excellence in the game, etc.). The UKMF’s primary objective is maintaining and promoting excellence in the Muaythai art – as a form of cultural art, self-defense and popular ring sport. If you are interested in your club or gym becoming a member of the UKMF, please click on the Join link in the navigation menu above and download a copy of the membership forms. We hope you enjoy your visit.



UKMF Associations

Muaythai Associations

The UKMF is part of a World wide body who strive to unite and regulate Muaythai associations around the globe. Below are links through to the World Muaythai Council, the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur and the European Muaythai Federation.


World Muaythai Council

European Muaythai Federation

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