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Sport can be a powerful tool for promoting social cohesion and important values, such as fair play, mutual respect and tolerance. But we acknowledge that, sadly, racial inequalities still exist.

There is absolutely no place for racism or discrimination of any sort in sport and we are determined to do everything in our power to eradicate it.

We want to ensure people are aware that everyone from different ethnic backgrounds have access to Muay Thai - they know how and where to get into Muay Thai and progressing within it remains an ongoing priority. Rightly, this priority falls to UKMF, as the UK’s only IFMA recognised governing body.

However, our work to break down barriers is not only aimed at the athletes – it is equally directed at potential referees, administrators, coaches, volunteers and spectators.

Ultimately all our race equality work will be focused on one ethos: using the positive power of sport to create equal opportunities – for everyone and anyone – to enjoy our sport.

Our continued aim is to help eradicate racism in sport by ensuring no barriers exist to anyone enjoying our sport – whatever their ethnic background.

Sport is a microcosm of society, yet it can be argued that by being proactive in our approach of implementing organisational policies and practices against the isolated perpetrators of racism, we can have some influence in tackling these issues.

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