Become a UKMTF Gym Member

Below is a document outlining the UKMTF Gym Membership Terms & Conditions and also our Membership Development Plan.

Becoming a Gym Member

Why join the UKMF?

  • Member to member insurance
  • Only UK body to be a member of IFMA , which gives us entry to European and World Championships
  • Only UK body recognised by WMC which gives us access to Thai Trainers
  • Credible Titles
  • We are aiming to become the only National Sporting Body for the Sport

How do I become a member?

To become a member of the UKMF as a gym, club or related Thai Boxing organisation, please choose one of the two options below, fill out the simply form and make your payment.

Individual Licence Gym Membership Officials Application Form

It is mandatory on all UKMF sanctioned shows that all fighters holds a valid UKMF licence.
In the instance that there is a UKMF title being fought on a show then both camps (gyms) must be current members of the UKMF as well as all fighters holding a current individual licence.

The Traditional Way

If you prefer to join the traditional way simply download the required form below, fill it out and send us a cheque, pay by BACS or PayPal. See all payment option here

Membership Type     Document
Gym Membership Application     Download Application
Individual Licence Application     Download Application

Please complete our application forms as instructed and send with the correct payment. In the event of the UKMF receiving inaccurate or incomplete forms or payment, it will result in the need for the application to be rejected and resubmitted. Until the UKMF has confirmed receipt of your application and payment has been processed you are not covered by the UKMF insurance policies and are therefore at risk.

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UKMTF Trials

For information on UKMTF trials, where, when and how to register, see link below.

Trials Information

DBS Number

All gym members will be required to provide an up to date DBS (formally CRB number) when applying for membership. If you do not have a current DBS or Scottish Disclosure you can arrange these via ourselves.

Muaythai Associations

The UKMF is part of a World wide body who strive to unite and regulate Muaythai associations around the globe. Below are links through to the World Muaythai Council, the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur and the European Muaythai Federation.


World Muaythai Council

European Muaythai Federation

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